All models are wrong. Some are useful.”
-George Box (wiki)

We use models to understand things to a small degree. To communicate. Even though they aren’t always enough. And we have the ability to change these models as we change things.


As long as you understand that they’re wrong.

You can hear more about this at the end of the Q&A. This one was full of great questions (and I even had to break out the pelvis model). Never leave home without it!

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Here’s the book Lance mentioned at the end: “The Big Picture” by Sean Carroll

Some bits of this Q&A were taken out and made into their own videos
* Skills, Tasks, and Levels of Competence
* What Would You Do With This Baseball Player?
* Assessing Breathing During a Team Warm Up
* The Different Types of Anterior Pelvic Tilt (And What They Mean to Your Squat)
* Why Would You Use Hip IR in a Breathing Exercise?

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