Are YOU Ready for the Working World? Advice from an 18-Year Industry Veteran

The Big Question: If you could alter the space-time continuum and give your young self one piece of advice about training and/or life, what would it be?

I ask all of my podcast interviewees this Big Question. The clever ones flip it around on me.

It’s a tough question to answer, especially when you’re happy with your current position in life (work, family, friends, financially, etc.).

In this video, I want to discuss:

  • My answer to The Big Question (and why it’s hard for me to answer)
  • What my life looked like in 2002 (and how I made end’s meet)
  • Why I wish I had a mentor at that point (really wish I had taken that gig with the Indianapolis Colts)
  • Why you should BE PATIENT… you don’t need to “be an adult” right away
  • A story of one of our old interns who had a better course of career (and did ANOTHER internship after our’s)


Is there anything you might change about your past? Have you ever been missing a mentor when you needed one most? I’m curious to hear your stories, so leave a short one (or long one if you want) in the comments below.

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