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The theme this month was:

  1. Work on your sales pitch
  2. Don’t expect perfection

And there were a ton of great questions:

  • How do you go about training someone like a punter? W2017-11-13 IFASTU Q&A with Mike Robertsonould you start with bilateral movements or unilateral stuff? [2:00]
  • How often do you mention PRI when training people? [8:35]
  • What’s your wrap up / sales pitch when trying to explain breathing patterns to your athletes? [12:08]
  • What makes some of these college basketball strength coaches some of the best? [14:50]
  • Do you like airborne lunges or skater squats? [21:51]
  • Do you use KB swings with your athletes? [26:15]
  • How do I test during different blocks? [33:38]
  • What warm up exercises do you like using for your Indy 11 soccer guys? [36:42]
  • How do you build in buy-in for the 90-90 breathing positions and quadruped breathing positions? [40:52]
  • If someone has pathology and they do a movement that looks pretty good, do you cue them out of it or just leave it alone? [45:02]
  • I have a golf client. What should I do with him? [49:00]
  • They are asymmetrical because they swing in one direction. How would you address them? [56:59]

There was a question this month on training golfers. If you want a more in-depth breakdown of the golf swing and working with golfers, check out this video from Ty Terrell:

Training Golfers: How a movement coach can help you hit the ball

Watch the video above

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