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Questions asked this month (the month of how to learn anatomy, physics, and coaching exercises):

  • Thoughts on the Frans Bosch book, Strength Training and Coordination
  • What’s the relationship between infrasternal angle and infrapubic angle?
  • If I’m getting a rib cage coming in (narrowing infrasternal angle), is the pelvis outlet coming in as well?
  • I have a basketball player who’s super tall and has a narrow infrasternal angle. But he’s the best athlete on the team. Never has pain. What would you do to change him?
  • If you have someone with pain while squatting, would you modify with a trap bar deadlift?
  • How do you address someone who thinks they should change their exercises, but you don’t really want to?
  • If someone had pain while front squatting, would you consider re-introducing it a few months down the road?
  • What’s your definition of pain?
  • How do you describe pain to someone? Example: when having pain in a squat.
  • There’s a performance model that drives to drive a polyvagal response through a noxious stimulus. Is it too costly?
  • How do you learn where muscles attach and how physics change when you move?
  • How uphill of a battle is it to address a young athlete (volleyball and dancing) who’s playing a lot?

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