Volume and Intensity: 4 examples to help you make freak athletes and fat loss clients

How do you program an athlete to get stronger? How do you build work capacity? You carefully construct their training volume and intensity.

Volume is the amount of sets and reps you do in a workout. For example, increasing volume means doing more sets or more reps.

Intensity is the amount of force required for a lift. For example, increasing intensity means using more weight or moving it faster.

In this video, Mike takes you through this foundational topic of programming.

  • How do you measure volume and intensity?
  • What do velocity have to do with it?
  • How might you manipulate volume and intensity for a new, untrained client?
  • What happens to volume as intensity ramps up over a month?
  • How might you manipulate volume and intensity within a single week of training?
  • How might you manipulate volume and intensity between multiple weeks of training?

This topic is a major pillar in programming science.

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