This post is an excerpt from the October 2018 Q&A with Bill Hartman.

Context: Cory has a friend who shifts to the right and gets knee pain when he squats. When tired, removing some load keeps the squatter feeling tired, but the load is manageable enough to prevent shifting.

You could use this as a teaching method as long as the lifter is successful. It the issue is technical, this would probably work. But if the issue is related to force development, then you may need to use another strategy.

The simplest way to treat this problem: bring the weight down to a place where it looks acceptable, then gradually work it back up. There’s nothing wrong with trial and error.

If the lifter doesn’t know how to manage their body positions under gravity, then this method might not work. You’d have to look at other spots of the body for limitations, remove them, and see if things get better.

What is the easiest thing you could possibly do? Try that first.

From Jim Laird: sometimes just turning the right foot in and cuing to push away from the right side when squatting is enough to do it.

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