This post is an excerpt from the October 2018 Q&A with Bill Hartman.

Context: client lives with his mom, may have experience trauma in the past; when he does medicine ball slams, his hinge looks great, but doesn’t look so good when deadlifting.

Pretty interesting, huh? You’d think the faster movement wouldn’t look as good, right?

First, let him know when he does it will!

Second, you could even try to pattern his deadlift with a medicine ball. Do a slam in slow motion.

After that, you start to show him the kettlebell. “I want you to hold this — don’t THROW it — but I want you to do the same thing with this kettlebell.”

Or you could try fake throws a la Lee Taft. Then slow it down.

Don’t try to stress too much about what’s going on with the guy. Be a good person. Treat him well.

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