This post is an excerpt from the October 2018 Q&A with Mike Robertson.

In programming intensity sprints, what’s the volume that I should be chasing?

I’ll normally try to hit 100 to 150 total meters in a linear day, but it’s always best to focus on quality over quantity. Having 5-6 really good 10’s or 2-3 really good 20’s and then shutting it down is much more beneficial than just chasing volume.

It depends on the sport as well. Most basketball and soccer players get a lot of speed out of weight training. But for football players, strength work is built into the culture, so you may need to focus more on deliberate speed work.

You can think of repeated sprint ability as repeated performance endurance. That is, how long will it take before their performance in their sport decreases. It can be sport specific.

Usually we’ll emphasis accelerative positions rather than strict body weight positions.

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