Training a Stud Soccer Player with Back Pain

What do you do with an extended soccer bro who is in pain, but still has to perform?

In this video, I outline how I’m managing an athlete with very specific exercises. The goal is to unwind him on a week-to-week basis, so that he can continue to play and perform at a high level.

I’ll walk you through:

  1. This player’s background
  2. Why his back pain makes total sense
  3. My goals for him
  4. The 5 muscles that I deem the biggest “problem areas” for ANY client (not just soccer bros).
  5. The program I wrote him
  6. The 6 exercises I gave him
  7. How each exercise addresses my goals for him
  8. And we’ll end with a reminder on what YOU can do if you get an athlete like this soccer bro.

Background on this soccer player

  • Soccer midfielder
  • He’s a stud
  • 38 years old
  • Persistent low back pain
  • LOVES “functional training”
  • Good training foundation
  • Enjoys training

Why it makes sense he has back pain

  • He’s VERY biased to use his back
  • He has a massive rib flare
  • He has a deep low back lordosis
  • And he has an excessive anterior pelvic tilt

My goals for this soccer player

  • “Unlock him” from the sagittal plane (where he’s stuck)
  • Give him movement options
  • Get him through the next 12 games

Instead of just skimming through this program and thinking, “Oh yeah, this is pretty simple,” slow it down and ask yourself why each exercise is in there. How will these decisions accomplish my goals for this soccer bro?

Again, pause the video there (~6:30) and work through it.

Watch the Video

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