Thresholds of Motor learning: Emergent properties of motor control

I wanted to take a break from all the physiology I’ve been talking about on here and take a minute to talk about something I’m really passionate about.

A few years ago I kind of became obsessed with how the nervous system produces movement. There are all these joints and muscles and things that have to be coordinated at the right time for your brain and body to work together to produce meaningful movement. It’s fascinating.

But it’s also kind of quirky that slightly changing one thing about an exercise or drill can spell disaster for some people’s nervous system, ultimately changing their movement for the worse.

In this video I go through “THE BIG 3”, and how “THE BIG 3” interact to help the nervous system decide how you should move at that instant in time. As a coach, being able to alter “THE BIG 3” changes how the nervous system operates, and can help you hack your coaching.

We’ll discuss:

  • What is motor learning?
  • Dynamic systems theory in motor control
  • Motor control “thresholds” and training
  • The application of all this theory to actual training

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