Strength Coach Physics: What exercise is right for your client?

A note from Tony…

You have seen a few videos up from me lately, but this one was really important to me and wanted Lance to put it up. I spent the weekend with the Strength Faction crew out in Chicago, learned a ton, and was taken a back from how open everyone was with their experiences. One theme that seemed to come up was Impostor Syndrome. People who were talking had this crazy idea in their head that they weren’t suppose to share what they had. That they weren’t these educators or role models, but impostors.

I came into IFAST early 2016 to start working with my mentors from the previous summer. I was in genuine awe of Bill, Mike, Lance, Ty, and Jae. Everyone was just so driven, so intelligent, it was intimidating. I felt like I was an impostor. I was afraid to speak up at every staff meeting for the first few months of my employment. Over time, I realized that the uneasy feeling I felt walking into every staff in-service was a sign I was getting better.

I have a tattoo on my arm, a quote from Winston Churchill that says, “Success is Not Final, Failure Is Not Fatal, It is the Courage to Continue that Counts.” By quitting my education in Buffalo, moving to Indianapolis, and working with some of the smartest minds in the industry, I was making myself better. I was more confident in my answers to interns that were 4 or 5 years my senior. I was speaking more confidently in group settings. I got the courage to write paragraphs like this one. Yes, I was getting better, I had the courage to continue, but that doesn’t mean its easy. Before I present any information, I ask my mentors, the people I work with and trust to pick my work apart.

This video isn’t easy to watch, and it was one of the most uncomfortable 2 hours I have experienced in a while, but this is what happens when you want to educate. You have to be willing to put yourself out there, be vulnerable, get let down, and realize THEY ARE HELPING YOU. These questions, this uneasy air I had to stand in for 2 hours made me go back and read and re-read everything, and you know what, I can sum all of that physics and mechanics stuff up into a 5 minute conversation if I needed to. That is when you know it, and I wouldn’t have gotten to that point if not for my friends making sure I was on point.

So when you have an idea, want to educate, collaborate and put yourself out there, know you are going to get some feedback you might not want to hear. That is what is going to send your next blog post to the next level, or make the book you’ve been writing more understandable to a larger audience. So let’s all be honest with each other, hold me to the same standard you hold yourself, and let’s get better in the process.

This video is the “rough cut” of my recent presentation on physics for strength coaches. If you’d like to learn the physics of differing movements, watch that. If you want to get an idea for how thoughts evolve, watch this.

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