docendo disco, scribendo cogito
I learn by teaching, I think by writing

I was feeling fired up, so we decided to go a little long on this month’s Q&A. Hope things aren’t too repetitive or boring for you, and — PLEASE — as always, ask any questions below. If something wasn’t cleared up, I can work on my explanation and try again soon.

Make sure to download the notes to help follow along and, if you get lost, there are some other videos linked below that should help you out.

Also worth noting: I decided to give drawing on screen a shot this month. Did you think it was helpful?


Click here to download the notes

Recommended reading

Here are some books and articles I mentioned in this month’s Q&A:

  • If you want to know more about learning and apprenticeships, read Mastery by Robert Greene.
  • If you want to know more about the intercostal muscles, read “Respiratory Action of the Intercostal Muscles” by Andr√© De Troyer, Peter A. Kirkwood, and Theodore A. Wilson.
  • If you want an example of what 14 iterations of writing the same thing looks like, check out All Gain, No Pain by yours truly.

Helpful resources

We talked a lot about biomechanics and some nitty gritty respiration mechanics. If the words I spoke and pictures I drew weren’t enough to follow, you may want to check out these three posts:

The Mechanics of Respiration: A 3-part series
Choosing Corrective Exercises for the Upper Body: Why scap push ups won't fix winging shoulder blades
Comprehensive Squatting: More squatting biomechanics than you could ever want to know (until you see the results)

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