The Nervous System

If you’re going to understand movement, the brain and nervous system are the king!

They’re also dense, dense topics that only get heavier when you dive in further.

Because of this, Brandon has given you as brief an overview as possible (just the stuff we think that trainers should understand). And he’s broken it up into two different parts to make it more digestable.

In the first video, we go through the “nuts and bolt” of the nervous system.

  • Basic neuroanatomy
  • How neurons communicate with one another
  • Circuitry that allows multiple neurons to perform complex tasks
  • Sensory motor integration
  • How the nervous system uses predictions to produce movement

Part two of the nervous system starts with various regions of the brain and how they communicate with motor neurons to active muscles. Then dives into everything you’ll ever want to know about motor units including how they differ in characteristics, and how these characteristics can alter muscle function and movement.

If you’re the type of masochist who wants to read more about the nervous system

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