The cardiovascular system is one of the most modifiable organ systems in your body. If you want to help your clients, you better know the ins and outs of how the heart and blood vessels work.

In this video, Brandon goes through

  • The foundational anatomy of the cardiovascular system
  • The foundational physiology of the cardiovascular system
  • Why the cardiovascular system is vital in health and performance
  • The 5 basic parts of the cardiovascular system

If this topic is new to you, Brandon breaks down the information to make it easily digestible.

If you’re already familiar with basic physiology of the cardiovascular system, this video is a great way to brush up on the material you haven’t seen in a while.

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Intro to Exercise Physiology

To dive deeper into the cardiovascular system, pick up Exercise Physiology by William McArdle, Frank Katch, and Victor Katch and channel your inner nerd.

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