This video is an excerpt from the September 2017 Q&A with Bill Hartman.

How do we skip levels of competence when working with a client or patient?

I would argue that during this “treatment”, you didn’t objectively improve anything. You simply taught them to spit out and output that you like better.

If you want to change a squat, put a kettlebell in front of them.

If you want to change it again, give them a heavier kettlebell.

See ~11:00 of Brandon’s video for more on this.

There’s a difference between a skill and a task.

  • Tasks have context.
  • Skills require a level of competence.
  • Task = shooting a free throw
  • Skill = repeatedly shooting free throws well

My old motor learning professor at Purdue referenced in the video: Dr. Howard Zelaznik.

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