How to Set New Year Resolutions with Mike Robertson

I start every year out by looking back over the last twelve months to see how it went. What happened, where can I improve, etc. The only way you can know where you’re going is by first knowing where you’ve been.

Hopefully you take this video a learn more about me.


I wanted to show you this process so that you can use it for yourself. I’ll walk you through EVERY step I did when evaluating my 2017 goals and setting my 2018 goals.

2017 Year End Reflections

  • Thoughts and reflections about 2017
  • The goals I set for 2017
    • Business goals
    • Finanacial goals
    • Physical goals
    • Mental goals
    • Family goals
    • Spiritual goals
    • Lifestyle goals
    • Relationship goals
  • The wins, losses, and others of 2017
  • A sneak peek into my actual schedule (this was a big issue for me)
  • Most importantly, how I’m going to enact those goals


How do you simplify your life? Leave a comment below.

2018 Plan for World Domination

  • My BIG focus for 2018
  • The strategies and tactics that I will use to stick to my big 2018 focus
  • Outcome goals vs. process goals

How can I maximize my time on my favorite things?


What are your favorite things? How do you maximize your time on these things? Or do you consistently do things you don’t like? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

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