Become a Better Coach by Evaluating Your Sessions

There’s a lot more to coaching than simply showing up for the session.

In this video, I discuss how I’m working to “bookend” my training sessions with a little reflection and trying to squeeze everything possible out of each and every time I coach an athlete.

My New Evaluation

My new evaluation

Here’s a picture of everything I wrote on the whiteboard so you can see the entire evaluation

Q&A Session

After the original presentation, we did a Q&A that lasted almost as long as the presentation itself! This was a great time to knock out some specific recommendations and apply the system we just discussed.

Here’s a taste of everything we answered:

  1. How much do you think step 4 flows back into step 1?
  2. What do you think is the hardest step to implement?
  3. How does this system fit into Bill’s physical therapy sessions?
  4. How does this adjust with different clients?
  5. How do you deal with the complexity that is someone’s life?
  6. Why does Bill refer to IFAST coach Grant “Rufus” Gardis as “The Master of Within-session Adjustment”?
  7. When regressing someone who has trouble deadlifting well, what do you do to affect them positively to get them out of their bad mood?
  8. How does being a good human make you a better coach?
  9. How can you become the coach that clients want to work with?
  10. How often do you include the athlete in on the review and debrief sessions?
  11. How do you motivate clients into giving you their best effort?
  12. Sometimes you’re on a time crunch with one hour to train four clients and you have someone who is on their first day of a new program who tells you they dislike five of their new exercises. What do you do?

As always, members, put any questions you have in the comments below or bring them over to the Facebook group to start a discussion!

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