The Mechanics of Respiration: A 3-part series

It’s no secret that the respiratory system is crucial to understand if we want to make the biggest changes possible in our clients, so here is a three-part series describing the mechanics of respiration.

Part 1: Pressures, Skeletal Anatomy, and Mechanics

This first section provides an understanding of the pressures required for normal respiration, the skeletal anatomy that influences respiration, and skeletal mechanics involved in normal respiration.

I have included many picture and video examples in hopes of making this complex topic more simple to digest. If you are the type of person who understands concepts, but isn’t quite sure what you’re looking at, or maybe how everything fits together, be sure to watch this one.

Part 2: Muscles and Breathing Patterns

Whereas Part 1 described the bony anatomy and movement associated with respiration, Section 2 describes and discusses the function of the respiratory musculature, including

  • A brief review of respiratory pressures and volumes
  • An introduction to the muscular anatomy that influence how we breathe. This includes
    • The neck
    • The ribcage
    • And the trunk
  • Normal breathing mechanics
  • The changes that occur during the forced or exertional breathing associated with stress or exercise
  • Patterned or disordered breathing in regard to how specific patterns of breathing evolve

Part 3: Gain a Practical Understanding

This is the practical understanding portion of the Mechanics of Respiration. After reviewing parts 1 & 2, this section of the Mechanics of Respiration will provide you with a better understanding of what you’re seeing when working directly with your clients.

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