Recovery Roundtable

There are now entire businesses that revolve around recovery. People are constantly pushing themselves to the brink of destruction: more, more, MORE!

I’m just going to say it: sometimes, people need LESS.

Man this was a good discussion. Topics include:

  • Recovery for physical therapy patients
  • Recovery for pro athletes
  • Recovery for high school athletes
  • Recovery for general population clients
  • The ONE thing that is impacted across to board for my clients, Bill’s clients, and YOUR clients.
  • One of Ty’s favorite assessment indications of athletic potential
  • Why do people have pain?
  • Is joint impingement really that bad?
  • The compliance of my pro athlete clients
  • Lance & Brandon’s professor: a former Olympic level thrower, current neuroscience PhD, & my former classmate at Ball State University
  • Am I looking at all the things I can do or the ONE thing I can do to help my athletes recover?
  • The balance between keeping an athlete primed for competition vs toned down enough to recover
  • Bill’s biggest pet peeve with patients
  • And a ton of other stuff!

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: How do you help your clients recover? Help out your fellow coaches and share one short idea in the comments!

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