Programming for an Entry-Level Fat Loss Client

While we are absolutely selling fitness and performance to our clients, we can’t forget that we are always selling confidence. That is especially important when you have a client, like my example here, who has been through an unfortunate injury history.

Let’s discuss

  • How I like to get clients ready when they’re coming in after a long day of work.
  • How to deliver confidence.
  • How to change a program from strength-focused to fat loss.
  • How to program for a client who struggles with hitting squat depth.
  • A different exercise to select when the Romanian deadlift pattern isn’t working.
  • Programming decisions to make when you have someone who constantly overuses their calf muscles.
  • Some mistakes I made.
  • And sooooo much more.

Click here to download the PowerPoint slides

Click here to download this client’s program

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