Off-season Programming for a Pitcher

It’s a terrific time of year to talk about programming for pitchers!

With off-season starting and fall ball being wrapped up around the end of October, it’s time to get after it. But what do you with these players?

In this video, we’ll discuss:

  • Why I love the baseball off-season
  • How to prioritize shoulder care
  • Your training model! What does your player need?
  • Then I’ll list out my model and ask some questions to get you thinking about what qualities you should train. Does your pitcher have enough force production? What about rate of force development?
  • What about conditioning and, more generally, energy systems development?
  • What about sagittal plane movement control? Frontal plane competency? Can your pitcher PUSH off? Or do they just FALL off the mound?

Basically, this post gives you specific examples on how to program for your pitchers. Feel free to steal all of this and use it right away.

Do you have a pitcher coming in today? I’d love to chat about this. Leave a comment below!

Part 1 – Pre-throwing

Part 2 – Transitioning into throwing

Finish your baseball off-season strong to be ready to go for the season ahead. Focus on mechanics, strength, power, and repeat explosiveness.

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