Not Just a Gym: How to build a tribe of fiercely loyal clients

How do you turn clients into people who will do anything you ask?
This month’s interview with Jae details the first in-service our interns receive. Go use Jae’s wisdom to turn regular clients into lifelong residents in your cult of health.

In this video, Jae:

  • explains the two snap judgments that people make within seconds of meeting you, and how those judgments can affect your technical and financial success as a coach;
  • shows you what traits good leaders, clinicians, and coaches have in common, and how great coaches use these traits to inspire fierce loyalty from their clients and athletes;
  • one simple exercise we teach our interns to help them learn how to build better rapport with our clients, especially useful for those who consider themselves to be introverted, shy, or just “not great with people”

Whether you’re the owner of a thriving gym, or dreaming of getting your first client, this presentation will help you identify exactly what kind of community you want your gym to be, and how to get there.

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Published by Jae Chung

I have a background in teaching the violin, T'ai Chi Ch'uan, English, writing, movement, and habit change. My main athletic accomplishments are spraining both ankles frequently and typing very fast.

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