Note: This is an excerpt from our March 2018 Q&A with Bill Hartman

This 30-year Physical Therapy and Sports Performance industry veteran tells you how he identifies good and bad movements.

What does Pablo Picasso have to do with learning good technique?

Dynamic Movement

Dynamic movement — like jumping, pitching, or other general athletic movements — is notoriously hard to identify. Pitching involves rotation about the shoulder of ~7000 degrees per second. You can now use slow motion video on nearly ANY cell phone (unless you won’t upgrade to the fancy smartphones). This can help you identify potential limitations that otherwise would be difficult to see.

Gym Movement

As you develop your eye, you have the ability to see a “movement”, rather than simply isolating joints in your mind. You can better understand a person’s given athletic context, whether they’re a professional athlete or a nice lady trying to lose some weight.

Mentorship, Internship, and Peer Discussion

Google knows everything, but the tacit knowledge associated with what we do for a living cannot be written down.

You have to experience it. You have to be in the room. You have to ask the questions. You have to determine what happened in that moment that made you make a decision.


If you struggle, IT’S OKAY. You’re supposed to struggle. Keep practicing. Discuss. Reflect. Re-evaluate.

Instead of thinking

This is what I know

sometimes it helps more to think

How can I understand this better?

If you don’t hate who you were last year, you’re probably not getting better.

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