MR Q&A Call – 2.22.21

Hey friends!

Here’s the link to my bonus Q&A call. We covered a ton of ground in this one, but here’s a short list of topics:

  • Time management strategies (and how it’s a lot like training),
  • Why Profit First should be your first purchase as a solo-trainer or gym owner,
  • How to train older populations who have multiple orthopedic injuries,
  • Static vs. Dynamic ISA’s (and what it tells you),
  • The CAR’s Approach to clients (and the full article here),
  • Why the BEHAVIORS that underlie an ISA is critical to know,
  • An overview of my current program,
  • When you might use machines,
  • The differences between breathing exercises pre-workout and post-workout

Like I said a lot covered in this one so I hope you enjoy it!

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