Have you ever worked with a client who seemed to not understand a single word you were saying?

“Lay down on your side.”
**Lays down on back**

Seriously. If this hasn’t happened to you yet, you just wait. You’ll be so taken aback.

IFAST coach Jae Chung is familiar with these scenarios, and as our resident coaching expert, we’ve decided to bring him in to talk about

  • The kinds of problems you will run into with these clients
  • How to have empathy for these kinds of clients
  • How to coach these clients more effectively

Coaching these people can be frustrating. To be blunt, it is difficult. Use some of Jae’s wisdom to help you through these tough scenarios.

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Published by Jae Chung

I have a background in teaching the violin, T'ai Chi Ch'uan, English, writing, movement, and habit change. My main athletic accomplishments are spraining both ankles frequently and typing very fast.

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