Cutting is one of the most complex movements in sport.

Ty and I got together and wondered, “How can we make better tests for these guys and girls?”

We see kids who are strong in the weight room but can’t display that strength on the field. Why don’t they have access to that strength?

There are 3 main issues at play when an athlete can’t cut very well:

  1. They lack mobility
  2. They can’t produce force
  3. They cannot deal with the given situation

Our focus here is on the first point; where are the mobility restrictions? We picked three exercises that you can use as tests. You can sneak them into any program without your athlete even knowing that you’re testing them.

The video above takes you through the three tests. The button below is a free Google Sheet you can use to assess your athletes and get help picking the right exercises for them.

Get the presentation slides

^^^This file is big! Google Drive cannot scan these files so you may see a warning message.^^^

Get the assessment form

^^^You’ll need to make your own copy of this Google Sheet! You can do so by going to File >> Make a copy…^^^

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