Mistakes We've Made with Interns

This month’s random content is about managing interns and employees. The “Mistakes I’ve Made” is Jae Chung’s favorite, so he’s using it to tell you about some critical mistakes we’ve made in designing our internship curriculum, and in managing our interns over the last few years. We’re proud of our internship program, which has produced many successful coaches in the industry. We also know that we can always do better, and in this month’s installment, Jae tells you exactly what we did wrong, and how you can learn from our mistakes.

  • What (not) to do when one intern or employee doesn’t pull their weight
  • What (not) to do when one intern is more experienced than the others
  • How (not) to create resentment and kill group morale

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I have a background in teaching the violin, T'ai Chi Ch'uan, English, writing, movement, and habit change. My main athletic accomplishments are spraining both ankles frequently and typing very fast.

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