Jump Higher by Improving Power Output: What is your athlete missing?

What does your athlete need?

This month, Ty talks about power and directly applies some of these concepts to a new IFAST athlete. Watch to find out

  • When is it appropriate to add weight to an exercise to improve technique?
  • Ty’s top alternating thorax power exercise
  • What makes an athlete a gorilla vs. a kangaroo?
  • Example programming for a “gorilla” athlete
  • What does a graphical representation of fast and slow reps look like?
  • The autoregulation benefits of velocity-based training
  • How to focus on the most important training quality for a client instead of chasing multiple qualities and getting nowhere
  • What percentages of one rep max to use if you don’t have any way to measure bar velocity

Be sure to check out Ty’s video from last month on Squatting with Bands to Develop Power.

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