July 5, 2016

Who Else Wants Fresh, Cutting Edge Training Information Immediately?

One of America’s Top 10 Gyms Shares the Secrets of Their Success with YOU!

If you are serious about becoming the best personal trainer or strength coach possible, then you need to read this right now.

The worlds of personal training and athletic development are evolving at a breakneck pace.

In the early days, you could get away with a subpar knowledge of anatomy, so-so programming, and average coaching.

But not any more.

The training world is getting more and more crowded every single day.

So how do you distinguish yourself from the marginal, average, and downright awful trainers and coaches out there?

How do you prove to your clients and athletes that you’ve got the goods?

The answer is simple – you have to continuously grow and evolve as a coach.

Every Internet Guru and their brother has a website, a blog, or a YouTube page bragging about how much they know about training.

Which leads us to a massive issue – who can you really trust when it comes to getting high-quality training information?

Continuing education is something that we at IFAST take great pride in.

We’re serious about our craft, and we’re always getting better.IFAST family photo

As a staff we log hundreds of hours each year attending seminars, reading books, and watching DVD’s to make sure we’re staying on top of our game.

And every bit as importantly, every single one of us coaches real clients and athletes.

We’re not going to sit behind a screen and tell you what we think works – we know what works because we’re out there coaching every single day.

This dedication to continuing education, and a laser like focus on our craft, is why we consistently get trainers and coaches from all over the world to attend our seminars and shadow in our gym .

But therein lies the rub – there are tons of great trainers and coaches out there who legitimately want to get better, but logistics get in the way.

  • Would you like to fast-track your skills as a trainer or coach?
  • Are you frustrated not having the answers to your programming and coaching questions?
  • Would you like someone to help mentor and guide you in the process of becoming a great coach or trainer?

We can’t tell you how many times people have told us that they’d love to come shadow us…

…or that they’d love to intern with us…

…or they’d even like to come hang out for a day, but simply don’t have the time to make it happen.

These are all valid points, and it’s exactly why we’re excited about the launch of “IFAST University.”

What is IFAST University?
And How Can it Help YOU?

IFAST University (or IFASTU, for short) is an ongoing mentorship program where we give you unique insight into what we do every single day at IFAST – without having to come to IFAST!

With IFAST University, we share with you our exclusive repository of trainer education content to help you become the best coach or trainer you can be.

Here’s the exclusive content you’ll get as a member of IFAST University:

Keystone Content

Our keystone content is the meat-and-potatoes of IFAST University.

As strength and conditioning coaches, our jobs are about as multi-faceted as jobs get. Sometimes skimming the surface is just undermining the reality of a situation.

Sometimes there are so many pieces at play that understanding each independently isn’t enough: you have to know how it all fits together.

These in-depth videos go deep into topics of coaching. Our goal is to give you a strong understanding of our thought process, so that you’ll be more comfortable and confident when you’re working with your clients and athletes.

Case Studies

There’s nothing better than getting a peek behind the curtain. In our case study reviews, we’ll take you step-by-step through a real program we’ve written for a client/athlete.

But even more importantly, we’ll explain the “why’s” behind the program, so you know exactly why we wrote the program this way.

Exercise Coaching Videos

As trainers, we coach and cue our clients every single day.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn new things, or get even better!

These will include a short video description that covers why we’re using certain exercises or coaching cues at IFAST. But most importantly, these are tweaks that you can start using immediately to get better results with your clients and athletes.

Training Mistakes

Look, we’ve all made mistakes along the way. However, if you’re willing to acknowledge these mistakes, they provide fantastic opportunities for learning.

Here is where we break down some of the mistakes that we’ve made over the years, as well as how we’ve changed our thinking to get even better results.

These types of posts are often the most exciting for us because we know that by sharing these mistakes, we can save you minutes, hours, days… sometimes even months of frustration.

Business and Community Growth

Like it or not, every single one of us has to market and sell our services on a daily basis. Whether it’s to get new clients or to retain old ones, marketing, selling, and business development are just part of the gig.

In this section we’ll cover some of the unique things we do at IFAST to engage our community and to help grow our business.

All Posts Sorted by Topic

Looking to learn a specific topic like programming, anatomy, or exercise coaching? Well you’re in luck.

All of our posts are organized by topic to save you time and frustration looking for the next video to watch.

Courses with a Logical Progression

Sometimes there’s a major topic that’s too big for even a 2+ hour video.

Take physiology, for example. There’s no way to learn all of that in two hours. People everywhere study it for months and still don’t understand it.

And at IFASTU, we want to make topics like physiology applicable to you. Talking through case studies and other uses of a topic doubles the amount of study time.

That’s why we lay out courses. We want you to have lists of content you can digest instead of just throwing a bunch at you and seeing what sticks. Again, saving your valuable time and energy.

Quizzes on Select Posts

One of the best ways to learn is by testing yourself.

You can watch us talk at you all you want, but it won’t make you a better coach. The key is to think.

Instead of just telling yourself you’re doing well, take our quizzes! Prove you know a topic and find out where your weaknesses lie.

Join the Discussion

Every one of us has had mentors.

Heck, we all continue to mentor each other every day by bouncing ideas around. We live this stuff.

And we want to invite you into our circle.

As a Premium IFASTU member, you’ll be able to comment on posts and join our private Facebook group where ambitious professionals (like you!) are everywhere. Expand your network instantly and come meet some new coaches.

As you can already see, IFAST University is an amazing resource, and one that you’ll be referencing for many years to come!

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Meet the IFAST University Faculty

Mike Robertson, MS, CSCS

Mike Robertson
Mike Robertson is the President of Robertson Training Systems and the co-owner of Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training (IFAST) in Indianapolis, Indiana. Mike has made a name for himself as one of the premier performance coaches in the world, helping clients and athletes from all walks of life achieve their physique and sports performance goals.

Mike’s primary focus is in elite athletic development. In recent years he has trained professional athletes from the National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA), and Major League Soccer (MLS), including two all-stars in different sports. Mike is also the physical preparation coach for the Indy Eleven, Indianapolis’ pro soccer club.

Mike has is a highly sought after speaker, writer and consultant. His speaking has taken him across the United States, as well as abroad to countries like Australia, Ireland and Canada. An avid writer since 2002, Mike has written hundreds of articles, and been featured in numerous publications such as Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Muscle and Fitness, T-Nation, and Bodybuilding.com.

Bill Hartman, PT, CSCS

Bill Hartman, PT
Bill Hartman, PT is co-owner of Indianapolis Fitness and Sport Training and IFAST Physical Therapy. He has over 25 years of experience in the rehabilitation, fitness, and sports performance fields at all levels of experience and competition.

His treatment approach and clinical success has made Bill an in-demand clinical instructor for physical therapy students from all over the country with many of his students going on to successful careers in a variety of environments including professional sports.

Jae Chung, CSCS, Pn2

Jae Chung
Jae Chung is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and is our primary morning coach at IFAST. He initially came to IFAST as a client with 8+ years of debilitating foot pain and a laundry list of other minor injuries. After working with the IFAST team for a number of months, Jae was so impressed by the IFAST crew that he quit his desk job in Bloomington, and moved to Indianapolis to become an intern.

Jae especially enjoys working with general population clients of all ages, whether their goal is to lose fat, gain muscle, look sexier — or just look, feel, and move better as they get older.

Ty Terrell

Ty Terrell
Ty Terrell is our afternoon strength and conditioning coach at IFAST, and the bulk of his client base is young athletes. Prior to IFAST, Ty spent three years working directly with Lee Taft, one of the top athletic movement specialists in the world.

Ty is an avid learner, and someone who is tirelessly working to get better. Currently his big foci are speed and agility training, gait and PNF.

Lance Goyke, CSCS, Pn1

Lance Goyke
Lance Goyke has been a part of the IFAST family since we first opened in 2008, and has amassed a wealth of assessment and coaching experience even at his young age. He handles a large majority of the assessments at IFAST, and also coaches our Youth Athletic Development, Team Training group exercise, and Saturday semi-private classes.

He’s served as a co-instructor for USA Weightlifting, an assistant professor at IUPUI, a peer mentor to hundreds of undergraduates, and a tutor to students in chemistry, anatomy and physiology.

Brandon Brown, MS

Brandon Brown is an Indiana native who became interested in exercise science during his time as a professional BMX racer. Since interning at IFAST in 2013 he earned a master’s in Kinesiology from Indiana University where he designed and taught exercise physiology labs. Currently, Brandon is a strength coach and IFAST, where he enjoys teaching clients how to perform the Olympic Lifts properly. He also works with two neuroscience research laboratories in Indianapolis.

His current areas of research are investigating recovery following nerve injuries in rodents, and the use of transcranial brain stimulation to examine the implications of joint position on motor cortex excitability.

But Wait – There’s Even More!

We know that you have a lot of options when it comes to continuing education, which is why we want to make this deal even sweeter for you.

When you sign-on as a member of IFAST University, you’ll also receive the following:

  • Access to Our Private Facebook Group – As you review the IFAST University materials, you’re bound to come up with questions or thoughts. With our private Facebook page, we’ll interact as a team to help you better understand the principles and concepts behind our training.

“This Sounds Great – But How Much Does it Cost?”

One of the most important things we wanted to do when creating IFAST University was to make it affordable.

When you’re just getting started, training clients and athletes isn’t exactly lucrative.

And even if you’re good, it’s not like you’re going to pull in $100k your first year in the business!

If you’re serious about becoming the best coach possible, you can invest in IFAST University today for the trial price of only $1 USD!

Once you get in and see the quality of the content, we’re sure you’ll want to stick around. Going forward you’ll be billed once a month for the incredibly low price of $47.

Even if you’re only making a couple hundred of bucks each month training clients and athletes, investing in a program like IFAST University is going to fast track your knowledge and success.

And if at any point in time you’re unsatisfied, you can cancel your subscription with no questions asked.

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P.S. – What Are You Waiting For?

We created IFAST University because we want other trainers and coaches to have access to high level continuing education.

If you’re serious about leveling up as a trainer or coach, then IFAST University just makes sense.

Not only will you get amazing content (without ever having to leave your house!), but it’s an incredible value to boot.

Think about it like this – even if you attended one course each year that would easily cost you $600, $800 or even $1,000 by the time you factor in seminar fees, travel, lodging, and missed work.

With IFAST University, you’ll spend less money than attending a seminar, and have a years worth of awesome information that you can access immediately.

But don’t delay!

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