Intro to Writing Training Programs

Every trainer needs to know how to write a training program.

But first, we need to distinguish between two related terms: “programming” and “periodization”.

– the actual exercises, sets, reps, tempo, and rest periods you have your client do
– the general plan behind the programs you write

This list of posts is meant to help beginners learn to write training programs. To do so, there are some basic principles you must understand.

Rest Periods

When "Speed Work" Isn't Making Your Faster: How proper rest periods avoid this mistake and help your clients progress

Volume and Intensity

Training Volume: Utilize this essential fitness principle to get faster results for your clients
Training Intensity: The key principle to make your athletes strong and fast
Volume and Intensity: 4 examples to help you make freak athletes and fat loss clients


Training Frequency: How many times a week should your client workout?

Flexibility as a Coach

What to Prioritize When Your Client Shows Up Late: Tweaking a warm up on the fly

Putting Everything Together

Everything you need to know to start writing training programs