Intro to Exercise Physiology course at IFAST University

This course is meant to make you a more creative coach.

When you understand science fundamentals, you can start experimenting. For example, many people will read a book like Joel Jamieson’s “Ultimate MMA Conditioning” and start implementing energy systems training for their athletes. This book, however, only gives you examples for MMA fighters. What if you have a basketball center? Or a point guard? Or a guy who plays 4 nights a week? All of these factors matter.

The only way you can fine tune these ideas to your specific athlete is by understanding the underlying principles. This is why knowing general physiology is important.

Below are a list of courses by topic that all pertain to beginner-level physiology. We try to make our posts relatable, but if anything is unclear, just leave a comment on the post!

Intro to Energy Systems

Basic Bioenergetics: How does your body find the energy to exercise?


The Cardiovascular System: An introduction for strength and conditioning coaches
Aerobic Training: 5 easy-to-make mistakes that plague new coaches


The Mechanics of Respiration: A 3-part series


Muscle Structure and Function


The Power of Proprioception: Coaching tips for dealing with fatigue and injury
Post-Activation Potentiation: Using our physiology to enhance training