IFAST University Q&A Call – 1.20.21

Hey all!

We had an absolutely FIRE Q&A call today, so thanks to all of you who were in attendance.

Here’s an outline of what we covered:

  • Coordination training for baby giraffes,
  • Early ER/orientation for volleyball players with knee pain,
  • Keeping youth powerlifters healthy,
  • Providing context to clients/athletes in their breathing drills and resets,
  • Asymmetrical lifts (especially Jefferson deadlifts),
  • Training clients after long layoffs/pandemics/COVID,
  • The 3 qualities I focus on early in a training block,
  • Energy systems training and testing,
  • Maintaining or recapturing motion in a pitcher in between innings,
  • The 1- minute Go Test, and
  • Prepping tissues for athletes.

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