1. Hi Jae!! Great video and tips!! The SLRDL is a fantastic exercise. I’d be curious to know your take on the back leg position. I’ve always cued my clients to actively push back their rear heel, elongating their back leg as if they were to touch the wall behind them…I’ve even gone as far as placing my hand behind their foot, telling them to actively push that away. I often do this because I see most of my clients get lazy with the back leg and eventually ending up loosing overall integrity. But I know of coaches who firmly prescribe keeping the back leg bent at approximately 90 degrees, arguing that not only would that better mimic sigle leg landing mechanics in athletic endeavours, but also produce more power and overall stability. What do you think about that??
    Thanks and keep up the great work!!

    • This is an interesting question, Fabrizio! I’ve always felt, just when I do the exercise, that reaching back with the back leg makes it seem too robotic. Almost like I’m trying to control too much.

      I like to use that cue when I notice a client collapsing elsewhere, but I’m not going to be a stickler for keeping the leg straight or the knee bent. I’ll only change it if I want something about the rest of the body to change. Maybe that means the foot is overpronating. Maybe the back is rounding and they’re reaching with their hands. Maybe they’re heavily IR’d into the support hip.

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