How Much Do You Really Need?: Cutting back the programming workload

I recently had one of our longer-term clients come in for a training session with me. She’s been MIA for a couple months and looking to get back after it.

One of our other coaches saw her for an intake assessment just to get a sense of where she is now and where she wants to head. He wrote her a program to accomplish these goals.

But she was not a fan.

This post addresses how I handled her reaction and the reasons why I changed the specific parts of her program that I changed. This post is meant to be more conversational, so check it out, think about what you would do, and be sure to let me know about any similar experiences you want to share in the Facebook group.

The fact that this client didn’t like her initial program makes this one of my favorite types of IFASTU posts. I don’t live in delusions that everybody will love everything I do. I do want them to know, however, that I care about them. I think this is a good illustration of that realism.

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