What did we talk about? Here’s a list of the questions from this Q&A:

  1. Can Pregnancy Cause Restrictions in Hip Mobility?
  2. Progressing Someone from Heels-Elevated Squatting to Heels on the Ground
  3. Squatting with a Wide Body
  4. Determining Optimal Squat or Deadlift Stance
  5. Hip Mobility Without Table Range of Motion Testing
  6. Top Activities for Achieving Mobility
  7. High Hip Internal Rotation and Limited External Rotation — What’s going on?
  8. Positions are Important for Both Long and Short Duration Activities
  9. Using Fatigue to Teach Squat Technique
  10. Fixing a Squat to a Box with the Right Butt Touching First
  11. Notice the Details – How small changes can have big effects
  12. Using a Medicine Ball Slam to Teach a Deadlift

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