Note from Lance: Our special guest today is Zac Cupples, DPT, CSCS. I’ve been able to call Zac a friend since he did his clinical rotation with Bill Hartman in Indianapolis. I managed to pin him down for a half hour and teach us about his system for creating change, specifically through a movement lens. What is limiting YOU?

I’m in the business of creating change, but — as you know — that stuff is HARD TO DO.

How do you simplify the process?

I like to outline things. When thoughts have a directional flow, it’s easier to keep everything straight. So I have to ask myself questions about each and every situation.

What kind of person is in front of me? And what am I going to do with him or her?

In this post, I’ll outline my process of helping people achieve their health and performance goals. We’ll discuss:

    • The 4 areas where we can start creating change
    • My main area of focus: physical activity
    • The 4 steps physical activity
    • Each step from my physical therapy view
    • Each step from my performance coach view
    • My progression for mobility
    • The 3 active mobility tests I use
    • Testing for arm motion with lower body tests
    • Runners who get pain after they run 5 miles
    • Patients who get back pain after they sit for 4 hours
    • Athletes who can’t play the whole game without pain
    • …and a bunch of other short examples to relate this system to your own clients

Please take this. It’s worked well for me. If you have suggestions, though, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

Watch the video above

Drawings of the whiteboard drawings (draw-ception)

Here are the tests I mentioned in the Variability portion of the talk:

Functional Squat

Active Midstance Test

Copenhagen Adduction

If you want to go deeper, check out this post on my site where we outline what I might do with a physical therapy patient, and sign up for my newsletter so we can talk about all things therapy, strength, and conditioning.

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