Have Your Large Group Clients Write the Workout

The quickest way to get out of training is to look at it mechanically.

Coaching is emotional. If you deny that, you miss out on the most motivating things that happen.

I like to look at coaching as a form of teaching. How can I teach this person something new? What do they need to learn today?

I love accidentally stumbling into good training methods. This month I tell you about my most recent happy accident: a group training method that cuts my work down AND engages my clients.

Build autonomy. Teach them to take control of their lives. Show them that they CAN, in fact, write a workout.

Further Learning

Take this deeper than face value. This is one example of teaching your students to become autonomous, but how else can you do it?

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And if you just want to listen to more, Ty and I put together a video where we discuss how your goal is to get them to “drive their own car” and minimize the feedback you give as a coach.

Translating Exercise Into Athletics

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Published by Lance Goyke

Let's have a discussion

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