This post is an excerpt from the October 2018 Q&A with Bill Hartman.

Context: Chris has a client whose right butt touches a box first when she squats. It doesn’t happen when she does hip hinging activities.

Should you address it? That’s your call. Is it causing issues?

A good cue is to turn the right foot in and teach her to push off of the right side while squatting. This will help her externally rotate and abduct out of the right hip.

Look at the left hip. This usually can’t access eccentric left posterior hip activity. They can’t internally rotate into the left hip. They might have a stiff left posterior hip capsule.

Or look at the right hip. Maybe a right knee down half kneeling activity that helps her access her left hip internal rotation.

Tripod foot is when you evenly disperse your body weight through three points of contact under the foot: the inner ball by the big toe, the outer ball by the pinky toe, and the heel. If you load the inner foot a little more, this can help the client shift out off of their right side.

To exaggerate a left arm reach, you need left hip internal rotation. Maybe you can use that in your half kneeling activities. Think about chops and lifts.

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