Fatigue and Repeat Power in Velocity-Based Training

Fatigue is the arch enemy of athletes in every sport.

Understanding potential causes of fatigue can drive your programming and exercise selection, making it more beneficial and specific than ever.

In this video, I wanted to break down the physiology of potential mechanisms of fatigue starting at the brain and working down to the muscles. Then, we’ll talk through how you can use velocity-based training (VBT) to monitor fatigue levels during training sessions. If you have access to velocity-based training equipment knowing WTF to do with it is more than half the battle. Don’t worry — we’ll go through some of that too.

A forewarning! If you are new to IFAST University or you haven’t watched the following videos, you may want to catch up before getting into this.

Without further ado, here’s the video.

I you want to learn more about using VBT, our co-workers Ty Terrell and Tony Giuliano have just released a book that they’ve been working on for the last 12+ months. It’s called Force and Power: Maximizing Performance with Velocity Based Training.

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