Some great discussion this month. Great to see some new faces.

Members can download the notes to get the short version.

Here are the questions from this month’s Q&A:

  • Could you speak on hockey players? Specifically in terms of anterior hip impingement? [1:21]
  • What’s your initial thought process on treating someone who walk into the clinic with thoracic kyphosis who can’t touch their toes or reach overhead? [6:32]
  • What is the assessment process you use? What should you test? [15:38]
  • Why might giving a heel lift to people help them squatting? [28:20]
  • What’s your perspective on pronation and supination? Why might an athlete have a high arch instead of a flat foot even if they’re playing the same sport? [32:27]
  • If you have an athlete who is good at what they do, but their biomechanics don’t seem ideal, do you adjust them? [43:44]
  • If it’s a draft year for a high school senior, do you make the change? [52:30]
  • Can I duplicate the stresses an athlete has to face in a game without having them play their sport? [58:36]

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