Deadlift vs. Squat - Are you giving your athlete the wrong exercise?

Are you giving your athlete the wrong exercise?

Do you know what changes you get from a deadlift? How about a squat?

These exercises are NOT just for pushing up your lifts: they can create different physiological adaptations in the neuromusculoskeletal system.

Knowing what those adaptations are allows you to choose which is best for each athlete.

See how it impacted an elite volleyball player in this video.

Have you had a similar experience? Is there anything you want cleared up? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Interesting. Would concentric quarter squats at about the same speed work too? I think that’s why Louie Simmons does box squats to give his ‘gorillas’ speed strength. To quote him ‘ in the early eighties I realised that power lifters needed more speed and weightlifters more strength.’

  2. Hey John! Great thoughts on the video. Here are my thoughts in response…

    Would concentric quarter squats at about the same speed work too?

    In regards to the perspective of concentric only lifts better addressing a kangaroos deficit of muscular strength than a lift allowing the full eccentric to concentric process to occur…kangaroos use their stretch shortening cycle (SSC) very well and need to build up their muscular strength qualities to maximize their power output. So, any concentric only lift would work. The load you use will determine the strength zone you perform that concentric only lift in.

    To your point about Louie…its amazing how many things he got right. As for the box squats, I would prefer to use load instead the box to help me get into the speed strength zone. I would want the gorilla to go through the amoritization phase uninterrupted by the box. If you want a tool to add to the lift, band assisted work would be beautiful there.

    Thanks for the thoughts John! Let me know if I didn’t answer your question thoroughly and keep the questions coming!

  3. No you nailed it thanks. Keep up the good work.

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