August 9, 2018

Course Offerings

Since IFAST University began wayyy back in 2015, we’ve enjoyed the ride. Each of our hundreds of members over the last few years has pushed us to not just create videos for work’s sake, but to make things that help others thrive in their communities. We trust that if you’re a member here, you’re well-trained, ambitious, and someone we could recommend to our friends and family.

In that time, we’ve amassed over two hundred posts. Posts about conditioning, infrasternal angles, and velocity-based training. Posts about rest periods, group training, and coaching cues. Posts about neuroscience, programming, and respiration.

Looking back on all that we’ve made, we’re really proud of the collection we have here.

But it’s a lot. A lot to keep track of. A lot to watch. A lot to sift through.

We knew there was a better way to present all of… this. There’s a way to disseminate — to teach — that’s not so confusing. So, after putting our heads together, we think we’ve come up with a solution.

The syllabus.

I can hear the groans now. “Oh, you mean like syllabus day, the one day nearly everyone skips in school?”

Ehh, it’s not quite like that.

In our day and age, with technology making information more and more accessible, the syllabus is the secret weapon. You can find out pretty much anything with a Google search… even some of the information on this site… but you have to know what to look for.

How many times has a client asked you a question like…

“What’s the best diet to lose weight?”

“How do I know if my squat form is perfect?

“I have weak abs. How can I strengthen them?”

It’s great to get questions from clients! We like it when a client’s curiosity wants to know how the medicine works. But they just don’t know what questions to ask.

Best diet? Yeah, there isn’t one.

Perfect squat form? Hmm… well what goal are you chasing?

Your abs aren’t actually weak, they’re just stuck in a weak position.

We are all just like this. We don’t know what we don’t know. We don’t know what order to do things. We don’t know what questions to ask.

And that’s why you’re reading this right now. Because in the Information Age, we have answers, but no way to pair them up with the right questions.

And that’s where the syllabus comes in. It’s a road map. (See? It sounds a little cooler now, right?)

The value, here, is in the organization. Let us guide you on your journey to become the best coach you can be; the best that each one of your clients has ever met.

There’s no profession out there that encompasses such breadth. We need to gather good client histories, create behavior change, understand nutritional pitfalls, coach clean movement, motivate, regress, and — in general — develop our clients into the best versions of themselves. We need to teach.

But with all of the stuff that’s out there… where do you even start?

Introducing Courses on IFASTU

We have a solution: we’ve put together Courses here on IFAST University. It’s a way to learn quicker. We know you’re busy and we know there’s a lot of videos, articles, research, etc. out there. We want you to be as efficient as possible with your time.

Test yourself. Read, watch, take notes. PUSH yourself further than you thought possible. Flex your brain muscle as much as your body muscles. We want ALL of you to be the most valued members in your community.

Are you indispensable?

Browse our current courses below. More are being developed now.

Why not start one right away? Sign up below.

It’s free for members. Non-members must sign up for a membership.

Intro to Exercise Physiology

What is the single training quality that we, as fitness professionals, have the most control over?

(Not to spoil the answer, but it’s related to the course title.)

FITNESS! Physiology! Health!

You know, we can train movement all we want. We can coach a squat and teach a hip hinge. And learning those things is useful for clients.

But do they know how to push themselves? Did they come to you hoping to lose some weight? Put on some muscle?

They’re going to want to get to those goals. And we know that if you’re here reading this, you’re pretty good at getting people there already.

But maybe you have a small handful of clients in the past year that you just couldn’t. figure. out. Maybe they were doing a lot of the right things, but their progress was just a little slower than the others.

Or maybe they just asked you a question that you weren’t able to answer.

Whatever the case, detailed understanding of the systems of the body will help you. It helps you figure out when different training goals compete with one another. It helps you explain nervous system adaptations to your new clients. It helps you know why, which instantly creates buy-in.

This course? This course is only the start! You won’t know everything when it’s done. But you’ll get the ball rolling.

And that’s all you need right now.

Bioenergetics and Fatigue

Without fitness, you die.

Now, most of us got into this field because we LIVE it. We aspire to become better versions of ourselves. We build our strength, endurance, and brain.

But your clients don’t have that same drive. And they probably didn’t play many sports when they were younger. And, to be honest, they probably don’t know what it means to actually PUSH.

What will they do when stressed with simple exercise? What about intense exercise?

To understand how to build someone up, you need to understand bioenergetics. Only then can you start to understand fatigue.

This course will first take you through the basics of energy systems development. Then, we’ll layer on specifics as they relate to training. Then we’ll show you exactly what to do with fatigue and energy systems in a few sport-specific situations.

This syllabus is laid out in a particular order, but if you’re just dying to skip ahead, we’re not stopping you. Mold this into the experience you need.

Sign Up for a Course

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Work through a course and earn a certificate at the end of your efforts. We operate on the honor system here (because we’re all grown ups). Watch a video. Go teach it back to someone. Write out a thoughtful comment or question. Give everyone else an example of how this could fit into your current training system. Help others think.

Cheers to leveling up!