Conditioning for Crossfit: Fight Fatigue with Physiology

Love it or hate it, Crossfit athletes’ work capacity and ability to meet the demands of various physical challenges is impressive.

With maximal intensity workouts and events lasting from 1 minute to 45 minutes, the proper conditioning is a must to train these athletes for success. If you can nail down the proper conditioning for the diverse challenges of Crossfit, you can dominate conditioning for every other client.

We first have to identify a Crossfit athlete’s potential mechanisms of fatigue. To do this, we are going to get DEEP into some exercise physiology. Once we’ve outlined the physiology of fatigue, we will go through how to take your clients’ endurance and resilience to the next level.

Put your seat belt on.

Be sure to check out these videos before diving into the physiology in this one!

Basic Bioenergetics: How does your body find the energy to exercise?

Muscle Structure and Function

The Cardiovascular System: An introduction for strength and conditioning coaches

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