Coaching the Push Up and Split Squat: Some special cues to help out clients who are struggling

Everybody knows how to coach a push-up, right? I would argue that IFAST coaches the push-up differently than most of the fitness industry, and in this clip, you’ll see exactly how I set up and coach it.

You’ll also get a peek into some of the humorous cues that I use with push-ups (poison daggers, Ebola-laced needles, and Michael Jackson all make an appearance). If you work with any general population clients, funny cues are very helpful in building rapport, so I hope you try these out!

The split squat is an excellent exercise, but many of my clients don’t have the stability or control to do them properly at first. In this video, I’ll show you a simple regression that helps 90% of my clients get it right on their first day in the gym, even for many of my less coordinated clients.

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Published by Jae Chung

I have a background in teaching the violin, T'ai Chi Ch'uan, English, writing, movement, and habit change. My main athletic accomplishments are spraining both ankles frequently and typing very fast.

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