Case Study: What becoming a father has taught me about being a better coach

Case Study

As some of you already know, I recently became a father. Here are three lessons that I’ve been ruminating on for the last few days, taught to me by our…

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Moving Motor Morons

Have you ever worked with a client who seemed to not understand a single word you were saying? “Lay down on your side.” “Okay.” **Lays down on back** Seriously. If…

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Mirroring Clients

If your clients are going to listen to you, you need them to trust you. You build trust by building rapport. There are many ways to do this, but one…

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Not Just a Gym: How to build a tribe of fiercely loyal clients

Not Just a Gym

How do you turn clients into people who will do anything you ask? This month’s interview with Jae details the first in-service our interns receive. Go use Jae’s wisdom to…

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Quit It!

Don’t you love when you have a good idea? Same here. But remember, good ideas that don’t work are just bad ideas. This short video has a simple message: don’t…

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