Books Are Great... If You Want to be Average: Reading Research Quickly and Effectively, Plus Landing Mechanics for Rehab

Books, books, and more books. I — and the rest of the IFAST crew — have shelves on shelves full of books.

Heck, Bill even has an overflow storage locker for some of his.

While I love a good popular science book or textbook, if you want to stay on top of your game, and become better coach or clinician, you are going to have to read some research. Reading research can be slow at first, but in this video we will breakdown how to get through research papers as quickly and effectively as possible. We will go through finding the correct papers to read, how to work through those papers, and deciding if the findings of the paper are relevant or important.

Take a look at this paper about landing mechanics, and we will work through it together.

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The Biomechanics of Performance

Research Articles

Link to the Discussed Article (free full text)

“Landing Kinematics and Kinetics at the Knee During Different Landing Tasks” by Heebner et al, 2017.

IFASTU Research Repository

What’s one research article that really made you think? Submit it to the research repository!

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