Get the notes from this Q&A session at the bottom of this post.

Boy this was a fun one. Here’s everything you’ll get in this action-packed hour of Q&A:

  • What is my assessment process when working with a client for the first time? [0:49]
  • What’s the biggest flaw of collegiate athletes? [4:13]
  • How am I assessing squat patterns? [7:09]
  • Am I using arms overhead in squat assessment? [8:17]
  • Is Bill doing all of my initial assessments, regardless of pain? [8:54]
  • If someone gets pain in season, do I try to fix it or do I send them to see Bill right away? [10:25]
  • If I get someone who’s been moving poorly, then fix them, how long will their change stay once they leave? How do I make this transfer over? [12:02]
  • What are my assessments? [15:19]
  • What are some of the biggest challenges in working in a large group setting (like with a team)? [16:29]
  • For movement prep (readiness), I like to use neurodevelopmental positions. How do I select those exercises? [22:21]
  • Do I progress warm ups throughout the block? [27:06]
  • What’s my approach to conditioning for soccer players? In-season? Out of season? [28:10]
  • How do I pair the conditioning and strength work together? [34:31]
  • Does recovery change based on what you train? [40:12]
  • How does the in-season programming work for my soccer team guys? [43:10]
  • What impact do you REALLY have with guys? [47:00]
  • What are my go-to exercises for posterior tilt of scap and recruitment of low trap for someone who presents with anteriorly tilted scapulae? [51:15]
  • How could I tweak an exercise for a left-handed pitcher? Will you only do exercises on one side? [54:03] Featuring a guest answer from the one and only Ty Terrell
  • Would you manipulate breathing to manipulate the flow of air? [1:01:40]
  • Some parting words [1:03:15]

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