This video is an excerpt from the September 2017 Q&A with Bill Hartman.

This patient of mine was particularly interesting.

He’s a baseball player I’ve been seeing for a while now.

He came in the other day with mobile hips (a.k.a. “full lower body variability”). He was able to bring air into different parts of his rib cage as I demanded it from him.

But he still couldn’t rotate his shoulders well.

We tried traditional protraction-based exercsises. Those didn’t work.

Then I gave him manual work on his thorax. That didn’t work.

Then I noticed something.

Watch the video to hear about what I saw and what I did to get his shoulder rotation back.

We also discussed how to relate normal breathing mechanics with movement. To get really in-depth on that topic, you want to watch our Mechanics of Respiration video series.

The Mechanics of Respiration: A 3-part series

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