Pelvic Angle and HRV: Exercises to alter autonomics

Pelvic Angle and HRV

Getting clients into the proper positions results in better mechanics and decreases the chance of injury. Whether treating a physical therapy patient or coaching in the gym, we pay close…

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Conditioning for Crossfit: Fight Fatigue with Physiology

Conditioning for Crossfit

Love it or hate it, Crossfit athletes’ work capacity and ability to meet the demands of various physical challenges is impressive. With maximal intensity workouts and events lasting from 1…

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Movement: How the nervous system produces it, and how that should change your coaching


The nervous system is involved in everything from our vision, taste, emotion, and memory. But, the biggest task it takes on is producing movement! Get ready to go DEEP into…

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Plyo Physio: The science of jumping

Plyo Physio

If you’re making your athletes more explosive, plyometrics should be a staple in your programming. Knowing what adaptations plyometrics are causing will make your programming even better. In this video…

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