Coaching Tips: Six updates for 2016 to take your coaching and training to the next level

Many of you have been following my work for years now.

So what am I going to give you that’s new? Or different? Or in any way, shape or form, exciting?

Well if you’re anything like me, you realize that you can always get better at the basics.

As such, this month I’ve got six updates of topics that I’ve discussed in depth before, along with how I’m doing things better nowadays.

Here are the six:

  1. Coaching Everyone in 90-90.
  2. Feeling the Whole Foot.
  3. Anterior Loading.
  4. How Much Strength Training?
  5. Squat Patterning.
  6. Rib Rotation and Exhalation.

Plus, you get to see my amazing iMovie skills in action – enjoy!

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Published by Mike Robertson

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